Naturally Nutritious


Raw Feeding Dogs


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When just starting RAW it is best to wait a week or two before feeding a whole bone to allow the stomach acids to adjust. Stick to ground bone within the mince at first.



When you are ready for a whole meaty bone start off with something soft like chicken wings or carcass until your dog has developed strong enough jaws for tougher bones.


If your dog is a gulper start with a larger bone so he cannot swallow it whole and he has to chew.

For smaller dogs chicken or duck wings are a good place to start. For larger dogs a carcass will be best.

You can hold on to the end while he is eating to stop him from swallowing it whole, this should also encourage him to chew.


Make sure you feed a boneless meal before and after feeding a bony meal

All Bones Must Be Fed RAW



Alwasy supervise dogs while eating bones


Never cut, chop or saw bones


Seperate dogs while eating bones


Keep children away from the dog while eating bones                (or any food)


Always feed bones appropriate to the size of the dog.                 (nothing that can be swallowed whole)


Be careful with weight bearing bones such as marrow bones. While the marrow is extremely nutritious is can be quite rich so best in small amounts to avoid runny bums.  The bone is also very tough and can break teeth if dogs try to crack them open. Allow the dog to pull any meat off the outside and to dig a little marrow out but take the bone away**  if he starts to get too excited with his chomping.  It can be stored back in the freezer for another day.





** Always trade up for something tastier. Please do not walk up to a dog and just grab his food away from him.


Pups 4-5 weeks old chewing on a chicken wing

Meaty bones are natures toothbrush and will help keep the pearly whites clean and free of plaque and tartar build up.  Chewing also builds the jaw mascles and releases feel good endorphins.