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Benefits of Raw

As you probably already know heavily processed foods are usually high in starch in the form of grains or potato which are a stress to the digestive system and therefore a common cause for dogs skin and digestive problems. Some dogs are hyperactive because of all the colours, sugars and additives that are in a large number of foods.

Improved :


  • skin - less dry, itchy or flakey


  • Reduced allergies, Ear infections and paw chewing


  • Coat - less doggy smell, glossier coat


  • Oral health - bones = Natures toothbrush. Cleaner teeth & fresher breath.  


  • Digestion - sensitive tummies improve, less smelly wind 


  • Anal glands - firmer poos naturally express the glands


  • Improved behaviour - Endorphins are released by chewing  


  • Energy balancing - hyperactivity is reduced whereas older dogs show increased focused energy.


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 All About RAW

I don't want to claim to be a cure all for anything and everything but the old saying is true "you are what you eat" and this definately applies to dogs.

Feeding RAW will provide all the vitamins and minerals required in their natural form for optimal absorption.  To find out more about why dogs should eat RAW click Here

By taking a natural approach to your dogs dinner you are allowing his digestive system to run the way nature intended.  65% of a dogs immune system is located within his gut so you can see why a happy tum leads to a healthier dog.  

Even if high quality ingredients are used the process they have to go through  to become dry food (kibble) destroys the nutrients and denatures the enzymes which leave the product nutritionally void.

Excessive amounts of synthetic vitamins need to be added to make up for the lack of nutrients provided by these heavily procesed "foods".

I specialise in 80 /10/10 raw meals so all you need to do is defrost and serve


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