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Raw Feeding Dogs


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It is best to just do a straight swap without any mixing. One last meal of the old food in the evening then feed a raw meal for breakfast the next morning. As raw is much gentler on the digestive system tummy upsets are rare.


We suggest introducing one meat at a time especially if you dog has a sensitive tum. So for the first week start on chicken then add a small amount of tripe,  If all goes well move onto the next flavour introducing slowly as you go . Carry on introducing a new protein every week until you have a wide range of meats. If it anytime you get an unwanted reaction to a new protein you are able to identify which meat has caused it and eliminte / reduce it from the diet.


One important aspect of Raw Feeding is poo watching. If the dog seems constipated or is passing whiteish crumbly poos then the bone content is too high for your dog. This most often happens with the poultry meats. You just need to add some boneless meat (tripe) or feed a mix mix of poultry and a red meat  to reduce.


On the other hand if poos are too soft which is more common with the red meats then feed mixed with the poultry to add more bone to the meal.   


Another benefit of raw feeding is that you can easily adjust meals to suit your dogs needs.


The Transition

Adult dogs are usually fed between 2 -3% of their bodyweight. This can be upped or reduced depending on the dogs needs.


Elderly, less active or nuetered animals often need less whereas energetic or working dogs can need more. Keep an eye on your dog and adjust as necessary.


Puppies start off at 10% click here for more info