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My dog won't eat

Usually when dogs start to turn their nose up and get fussy it's because they are either overfed and/or they know they can play you for their favourite.  


The feed an adult 2.5% of their bodyweight guideline is just that - a guideline and a starting position for an average un-neutered dog.


Neutered or elderly animals often need 10% -20% less food.


Some dogs like people just need less food than others.


Be aware of how many treats you are giving during the day.


Always feed to your dogs needs rather than sticking to a guideline.


If your dog has suddenly stopped eating or is showing other signs of being unwell, please visit your vet.




So what to do now

As long as your dog is well then the main thing is not to make an issue out of them refusing thier food. Don't try to encourage them or add treats to the top, in the end you'll only make matters worse.


Reduce the feeding amount if you need to then just place the bowl down and walk away. Give the dog 10 - 15 minutes to eat, if they dont then pick it up and return to the fridge. Don't make a song and dance out of it, if the dog sees you are anxious over them not eating then you can make them anxious which can put them off eating even more.


It may take a few days but they will eat when they are hungry.  Dogs are scavengers and it's quite natural for some to self regulate for a meal or a day.



It may well be that your dog really does not like a certain protein. that is fine and as long as they are eating a good range of 4-5 differnt proteins then I would not worry about them not eating a few flavours and certainly wouldn't like to force them to eat something they genuinely do not like.  It's  when they like it one day then not the next and you are constantly trying new foods to see what they want that day is when your dog has you wrapped around thier paw.