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Raw Feeding Dogs


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Pups go through alot of development in the first few months of their life so it is importand to ensure they get plenty of good food to fuel their growth.


If you are lucky enough to have a raw weaned pup then just carry on.


If your pup has been used to kibble or tinned/pouch then you have two options:

1. Start as you mean to go on and swap raw straight away. Many people do with no issues.


2. If you are concerned with too much change for your pup in one go then leave him on what he is used to for a week or two then make the swap once he is settled in his new home.

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This is a rough guideline.  Adjust to the pups individual needs. Too lean then up the amount. If the pup looks a little porky or refuses food then reduce slightly.

Start off at 8-10% at 8 weeks old split over 4 meals per day and gradually reducing until the pup is fully grown.

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