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Wallaces Story

Wallace developed cancer in his nose. It is an aggressive cancer that was taking hold very quickly and the prognosis was not good (maximum 6months with an average of 4). As part of his treatment I started researching how diet could improve his fight against it.


Working in a pet shop has always taught me big brand kibble was the best, most nutritious way to feed my dog. I quickly discovered this was wrong and swapped wallace to a natural wet food while planned his homemade diet.


Although there are some OK brands of wet food out there, I wanted to control the quality and quantity of the ingredients and ensure no nutrients were lost through and cooking or processing.


I decided to go RAW


Since changing wallace to a raw diet he was had some impressive results in his overall condition which even his vet has commented on. His body composition has changed he was never overweight but had a chunkyness to him, now he has leaned out and defined his muscles.


His Seasonal allergies has totally dissappeared. No more itchy skin that managed to be flakey and oily at the same time, not to mention smelly. His skin is clear and his coat is now soft and shiny all the time.


His energy also increased. He has always enjoyed is walks round the fields but has always just plodded along, Now he won't go out without his favourite squeaky tennis balls and spends the whole time running and chasing them.


We decided to go down both the conventional and holistic treatment routes  which so far is going well. We know his type of cancer cannot be cured but with all of his treatments supplements and new diet we will keep it at bay for as long as possible. 




After a lovely week on holiday in Wales we sadly we lost wallace in September 2015. He had a great time exploring the fields that surrounded our cottage and meeting the sheep. His favourite trip was down to Tenby where he played ball on the beach and had a paddle.